• Rugged and reliable electronics. Power in, power out and every field I/O point individually Galvanically isolated.
  • Rock Solid measurement and software stability. Unique Software Science employed to ensure predicable operation.
  • Interfaces with industry standard flow meters
  • Small footprint
  • Very simple to set-up
  • Dual 10/100 MHz Ethernet ports provided as standard for redundant communications
  • Integrated web server allows local or remote operation and configuration
  • Can be operated as single streams
  • Designed for a minimum 25 year operational life
  • Lower Power product saves over 1 ton of CO2 over the product life
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant

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So what is it?

The TruProof Micro3 has been designed in a holistic manner to be a synergistic system component, rather than an “island of data”. Close integration with host systems (PROVEit ) insures maximum integration values are obtained.

Communications and connectivity are at the core of the design. Access to data and reports locally and remotely are catered for easily using Internet Protocols (HTTP for browsing and XML for data retrieval). In addition legacy systems are supported with both Modbus serial and Modbus TCP.

For simpler applications, much of the configuration can be done using the embedded web server, giving an optimum balance of simplicity and flexibility. When combined with PROVEit , configuration is managed entirely from PROVEit with the embedded web browser an added benefit.

As a result, the total cost of ownership will be reduced as much as possible to the Oil and Gas companies, operators, integrators and auditors.



  • Two full featured and independent 10/100 MHz Ethernet controllers with dual link status indication
  • Three Serial ports

Digital Field I/O

  • Isolated Dual Pulse meter inputs support true Level A, B or E operation modes up to 10KHz with line integrity checks
  • Dual Density meter input circuits measure periods to nanosecond resolution and are also isolated
  • Nine individually isolated Digital Inputs can be used as general purpose inputs (with fleeting change detection) or Sphere Switch detectors.
  • Eight individually isolated Digital Outputs can drive relays or be used as General Purpose outputs. Two outputs can also be configured to produce pulse outputs

Meter Provers

The TruProof Micro can interface with conventional 2 or 4 switch bi-directional Provers as well as uni-directional variants. Flow Management Devices small volume Provers equipped with TruProof provides TruProof as a standard feature and the only OEM offering its advantages. In addition, Brooks, Calibron can be upgraded with TruProof via Coastal Flow Measurement's integrated PROVEit proving software platform.




Mass: 485 Grams excluding mating connectors Operating Temperature: -40°F to +185°F, Non-Condensing
Size: 170mm by 130mm by 70mm high Storage Temperature: -58°F to +195°F
Mounting: Needs 170mm length of top-hat DIN Rail to EN50022    


Transaction Capacity

Supply Voltage: 12 to 28 VDC, 5 Watts Typical CPU arrangement System CPU: Two CPUs are used, an 80 MIPS I/O processor and the System CPU
Redundancy supplies: Two independent power connectors to allow dual redundant supplies System CPU Type: Advanced RISC Processor, 720MHz ARM Cortex-A8
Isolation: Supply is Galvanically isolated from computer ground Volatile Memory: 256MBytes DDR3
Backup Supply batteries: Use of FRAM allows 30 year archive storage without batteries Program Memory: 128MBytes NOR Flash, 128KBytes FRAM
    Archive Store: 8MBytes NOR Flash with SD/SDHC slot for 32GByte removable storage

Field I/O Specifications


Digital Inputs: Opto-Isolated inputs, with filtering and fast sampling Digital Inputs can be used as Sphere Detectors, with Dual Chronometry Ethernet: 2 off 10/100 MHz Ethernet ports supporting IP protocols